Vitax Q4 compost x 3 Bags

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Q4 Multi-purpose Compost

3 Bag deal 3 x 56 Litre bags

High quality, peat-based compost

  • Contains Q4 fertiliser for outstanding results
  • Highest quality peat from our own source in Ireland
  • Suitable for seed sowing, pricking out and potting on
  • Ideal for hanging baskets, planters and t


Vitax Q4 Multi-Purpose Compost is based on the finest Irish Moss Peat obtained from Vitax own peat mire in County Kildare, Ireland.  All peat used in this compost is obtained from within the existing boundaries which have been worked for many years. Virgin areas of the mire are not exploited.

Q4 Multi-Purpose Compost has been carefully formulated as an all-round growing medium suitable for seed sowing, striking cuttings, potting on young plants and for potting mature plants.  It is also ideal for hanging baskets and can be used as a very effective soil conditioner in beds and borders.

In addition to its natural nutritional content, this compost  contains Vitax Q4 quality fertiliser,  which provides  essential plant foods and trace elements needed for healthy root systems and abundant flowers or fruit.

Vitax Q4 Multi-Purpose Compost is suitable for use with bedding plants, bulbs and tubers, perennials, shrubs, herbs, fruit and vegetables.